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Switch To My Christmas Anxiety - Fridge Magnet

Switch To My Christmas Anxiety - Fridge Magnet

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Crafted from high-quality materials, our magnets are built to last and feature strong magnetic backing that will hold your notes, photos, and artwork in place. From sassy and irreverent designs to heartfelt and empowering messages, our collection offers a range of styles that cater to your individual taste and personality.

Whether you want to express your inner thoughts and feelings with a swear word or want to spread awareness and support for mental health, our magnets offer a unique way to add personality and meaning to your fridge or magnetic surface.

So why settle for boring and generic magnets when you can showcase your personality and values with our edgy and meaningful designs? Browse our collection today and find the perfect magnets that resonate with you.

Available as a sticker or fridge magnet.

Product measurements: 5.5 cm H x 5.5 cm W

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